Vukiric, a Serbian national team player who loves dumplings, pork cutlets, and potato soup, watched Korean volleyball and felt “Kim Yeon-kyung, I watched it with fascination.”

“The dumplings, sweet potato cheese pork cutlet, and potato soup are so delicious.” “I was mesmerized by Kim Yeon-kyung when I saw her before.”

The Korea Expressway Corporation, coached by Kim Jong-min,바카라사이트 will be joined by Serbian apo jit spiker Vanya Vukiric (registered name Vukiric) as the foreign player and Thai apo jit spiker Thanacha Sooksut as the Asian quota player in the upcoming season. While Tanacha will join the team at the end of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Vukirich recently arrived in South Korea to train with the team.

Vukiric was born in 1999 and is a 6-foot-2 outside hitter. She was introduced to volleyball at the age of 14 and played tennis briefly before that. She has been playing volleyball since the age of 15.

Photo (Gimcheon)=Reporter Lee Jeong-won

Photo courtesy of KOVO
Vukiric, who majored in urban engineering at Ohio State University in the United States, was selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2023-24 Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) Foreign Player Draft in May. This is his first time playing for a professional team. She can play both outside hitter and outside spiker. Coach Kim Jong-min is trying to utilize both positions.

“Everything is good here in Korea,” Vukiric said at the Korea Expressway Corporation’s practice gym in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province. My physical condition is good enough to go straight into the game. I like the team, the manager, the coaches,” he said, adding, “The food is delicious, and it’s easy to adapt to the Korean culture. The most delicious things I’ve eaten since coming here are sweet potato cheese pork cutlet, potato soup, and dumplings,” he laughed.

I asked him why he decided to take on the challenge of the V-League.

“I was impressed with Korea’s defense and quick organization. I thought the level of the V-League was high. Everything is fast,” he said.

Photo (Gimcheon)=Jungwon Lee
Vukiric has a connection with foreign players who have gone through road construction. Nicole Fawcett (2012-2015), who led the Roadrunners from 2012 to 2015, was an Ohio University coach and is close to Ivana Nesovic (2017-18) and Katarina Jovic (2022-23).

“Nicole and I are still in touch,” Vukiric said. “What they always tell me is that it’s going to be hard because they’re going to attack a lot,” Vukiric said, “and it’s the same with Ivana and Katarina. They told me to do my best, not to give up, and to keep going.”

The position is fine. He’s ready to play for the team. “I can play both outside hitter and outside hitter. I played outside hitter in the national team and outside hitter in school.”

When asked about his image of Korean volleyball, he said, “I was impressed with the defense, especially as many foreign players would say, but when I went to international tournaments, I watched Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life). She had a wide horizon,” Vukiric said.

Photo courtesy of KOVO
In conclusion, Vukiric said, “When I return from training in Japan, the league will start. I’m looking forward to it. “I always want to score a lot of goals and help the team. Last season, the team won the title, and I want to win the title in the upcoming season,” he said.

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