“Thanks to the players and the fans’ desire…Congratulations to Kwon Hee-dong on his home run” [MK Chang-won].

“Thanks to the unwavering desire of our players and fans, we were able to win. Congratulations to Hee-dong Kwon for his game-winning home run.”

카지노사이트NC Dinos head coach Kang Shin-ho said after the dramatic come-from-behind victory.

The NC Dinos, led by Kang, pulled off a thrilling come-from-behind 7-5 victory over the LG Twins of the 2023 KBO Baseball League at Changwon NC Park on June 26. With the victory, NC has 54 wins, 2 draws, and 49 losses, securing fourth place in the standings.

NC celebrates its late-game victory over LG in Changwon on April 26. Photo courtesy of NC
It was literally a come-from-behind drama. NC gave up a big inning in the top of the sixth to fall behind 1-5.

But they didn’t give up until the end. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Kim Joo-won hit his first career ground ball to tie the game, and in the top of the eighth inning, Do Tae-hoon hit a solo home run to extend the lead to two runs.

The goddess of victory smiled on NC in the bottom of the ninth. Park Min-woo singled up the middle and Park Gun-woo hit an infield single to second base. Initially, Park’s hit, which came two batters later, appeared to end the game as second baseman Shin Min-jae caught the ball and leisurely threw it to shortstop Oh Ji-hwan, but it was ruled a hit because the ball hit the umpire.

According to Baseball Rule 5.06(c) 6, “If a fair ball not hit by an infielder (including the pitcher) is hit by a runner or umpire in fair territory, or if a fair ball not passed by an infielder (other than the pitcher) is hit by an umpire – each runner whose base must be cleared by the batter becoming a runner shall advance.

With runners on first and second, NC rekindled a spark of hope with a single up the middle by Jason Martin. With two outs and runners on first and second, Kwon Hee-dong hit a dramatic come-from-behind three-run shot over the left field fence to end the game.

After the game, NC head coach Kang In-hwa applauded the entire team and the fans who came to the ballpark to cheer them on, saying, “We were able to win today because of their desire to win and not give up until the end.”

“Congratulations to Kwon Hee-dong for her game-winning home run. We will prepare well to continue our winning streak tomorrow,” and left the field.

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