Park Shinjah Cup elevated to international competition, looks forward to next year on successful first step

The Woori Bank Pakshinja Cup 2023,토스카지노 which was upgraded to an international tournament, ended with Toyota of Japan winning the title and Woori Bank as the runner-up.

Since its inception in 2015, the Park Shinjah Cup has been organized to find the next big thing. However, from this year’s tournament, it was changed to an international tournament to strengthen international competitiveness and exchange with overseas teams. The tournament was also renamed from the Park Shinjah Cup Summer League to the Park Shinjah Cup.

Woori Bank won the runner-up spot. Photo | WKBL

With the participation of two Japanese teams, Toyota and Eneos, as well as overseas teams such as Australia’s Bendigo and the Philippines’ national team, 10 teams participated in the tournament, the most ever since the first edition in 2015. The prize money was also increased from 10 million won to 30 million won.

As the tournament became a national championship format with the participation of overseas teams, the six WKBL teams playing at home had the responsibility of representing Korea. Compared to the previous Park Shinja Cup, the coaching staffs and players of the domestic teams showed their determination to win. The growth of Woori Bank’s Park Ji-hyun, Kookmin Bank’s Kim Ye-jin, and Shinhan Bank’s Byun So-jung also stood out.

Woori Bank’s Park Ji-hyun celebrates after scoring against Aeneos. Photo | WKBL

In the past, the Park Shinjah Cup was meant to foster leaders alongside players, and coaches played a supervisory role during the tournament. However, from this year’s tournament, the manager will be in charge of the team just like in the regular league. Along with the internationalization of the tournament, it also became a battle of egos. As the tournament progressed, it became more like a playoffs.

Although the meaning of developing prospects has somewhat disappeared, it is said that the international tournament has helped the team prepare for the season. “Compared to the previous Park Shinja Cup, the main players play a lot and aim to win, so it seems to be a solid power check before the season starts. Since overseas teams are also participating, it is expected to have a similar effect to overseas training camps.” Representative B also said, “The younger players don’t get to play as much, but there is also the Futures League. I hope that more overseas teams will participate in the future and the tournament will be bigger. It will broaden the players’ horizons and motivate them to get out of the frog in the well.”

Ms. Park Shin-ja delivers the trophy to Toyota. Photo | WKBL

The Park Shin-ja Cup has been upgraded to an international tournament. It has been recognized as a success in terms of tournament management and game content. Expectations for next year’s Park Shin-ja Cup, which will be an international tournament, have also increased.

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