NC waited until the end and threw the dice, the result was the summoning of Sun Dong-yeol in 1986 [SS Focus]

 Last winter was a time of particularly deep worry. The strongest batteries, which were a big help in achieving the combined championship in 2020, left the team. Yang Eui-ji’s NC uniform, which seemed like it would last forever, lasted only four years. Drew Luchinski, who has been working with Yang Eui-ji since 2019, only spent four years in NC.

It didn’t shake. A year ago, he experienced a breakup with franchise star Seongbeom Seong, so he made his next plan in advance. The position left by Yang Eui-ji was filled by Park Se-hyuk, and Express was looked upon as a replacement for Lucinski, who signed a Major League Baseball (MLB) contract.

He carefully looked at the foreign player market until the end and succeeded in acquiring the largest amount. Luchinski’s replacement was confirmed by successfully recruiting Peddie, who became a free agent on November 18, 2022 but failed to remain in the MLB. We contacted Peddie as soon as he became a non-tender free agent, and Peddy’s side was shaken by NC’s quick performance. As multiple Asian clubs were looking at Peddy, NC was also not sure about recruiting Pedi, but Pedi dramatically took NC’s hand.

The total number of MLB games and innings is 102 games and 454.1 innings, respectively, and he has been in the starting rotation for 4 years, effectively signing a contract with an active MLB starting pitcher.

The results couldn’t be more powerful. Since the first year of the KBO League, he has established himself as the undisputed best pitcher. He played 156.2 innings in 26 games until the Jamsil Doosan game on the 19th, and is active with 19 wins, 181 strikeouts, and an ERA of 2.13. Ranking first in three categories: most wins, strikeouts, and ERA, he is likely to become the first pitcher triple crown in 12 years since Yoon Seok-min in 2011, and the first triple crown by a foreign pitcher.

That’s how outstanding his skills are. He has both position and control, and all pitches he uses are top-notch. At first, he received a lot of attention as a sweeper, but the movement of his fastball in the 150 km range is also overwhelming. He knows how to utilize the strike zone widely, and is also good at taking advantage of the difference in speed depending on the pitch selection to steal timing. From the batter’s perspective, it is impossible to attack unless you narrow down your options and stand at bat.

◇KBO League’s past pitcher Triple Crown winners and performances

While this season’s MVP award is very likely, we are also looking at a record that only one player has achieved so far. In the history of the KBO League, Pedi is capable of the triple crown of 20 wins and 200 strikeouts, something only Dong-yeol Dong achieved in 1986. If you add just one win, you have 20 wins, and if you add 19 strikeouts, you reach 200 strikeouts. Since about three starts are possible after the 19th, nothing is impossible with his recent pace.

After the match on the 19th, Peddie said about the Triple Crown, “Honestly, I know. “It would be a lie if I said I didn’t think about it,” he said. “But I try not to think about it as much as possible.” It is more important to think about the team rather than myself and help the team win. I know very well that my team needs me, so I don’t want to think about records too much. And the Triple Crown can be lost even with just one bad game. So I try not to think about it any more.”먹튀검증

He then spoke about playing more games with shorter pitch intervals as the team is competing for second place at the end of the season, saying, “I feel like I can pitch at any time if the coach needs me. “It’s good to take a break considering the postseason, but as I said before, I can pitch for the team whenever the coach wants,” he said.

Peddie’s next appearance is planned to be either against Changwon Doosan on the 24th or against Changwon KIA on the 26th. NC coach Kang In-kwon said he would give Peddie a choice. If Peddie faces Doosan in a row on the 24th, there is a high possibility that the number of games Peddie starts will increase.

NC has a steady relationship with outstanding foreign players. He set the standard so clearly. If a limited-class foreigner is missing, another special-class will be used to make up for it. Recruiting foreign players is often referred to as ‘good luck or bad luck’ or ‘throwing the dice.’ Although there is no 100% success, NC boasts a success rate that is well above the average.

There were predictions that the simultaneous departure of Yang Eui-ji and Luchinski would be a fatal blow to NC this season, but Peddie tried to prove that the predictions were wrong, and that wish is coming true.

Regarding the MVP trophy also approaching, Peddie said, “In fact, before the season began, there was an assessment that NC was not suitable for the postseason. However, I believed that we could achieve good results with our teammates this season. “We are actually seeing good results,” he said. “If I become MVP, this will be proven.” I really want to become MVP. “I want to win the MVP trophy and share the honor with my teammates,” he pledged.

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