Sleepless nights in Seattle…but it’s okay, there’s Houston

Without Houston, what would Seattle have done?

Seattle is having one sleepless night after another. Still, I’m not lonely. It’s because I have a ‘friend’ who is falling together. However, you have to face your fate with that ‘friend’.

The Seattle Mariners of the American Major League had their worst weekend. They were competing fiercely for the American League wild card with the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers. A situation where there was almost no riding. Meanwhile, we will be playing a three-game road game against Texas.

It would be best to have the upper hand, and since it was an away game, even 1 win and 2 losses would not have been a ‘big failure’. But the worst result came out. 3-game sweep loss. Toronto, which was a step ahead, also went downhill alone after decorating its three-game series away to the Tampa Bay Rays with a winning series. What a disappointing loss it must have been for Seattle, with two of the three teams going to the fall baseball season.

But did they say that even if the sky falls, there is a hole that will emerge? The combination of Texas’ winning streak and the decline of the Houston Astros in the same division created a huge variable. Texas took the lead in the district, overtaking Houston, which had only 3 wins in the last 10 games.

Naturally, Houston changed its name from a district championship candidate to a wild card race contender. However, just like Seattle this weekend, they were swept in a three-game series over the weekend. That goes for the Kansas City Royals, who are at the bottom of the American League Central Division.

For Seattle, ranked 4th in the wild card race, 토토사이트 it came back to life. This is because 3rd place Houston is also performing poorly and has a lead of only 0.5 games. Since they have played one less game, they can make up for the 0.5 game difference on their own. If the score is tied, Seattle could be the final winner ahead of the other team this season. It was overwhelming with 8 wins and 2 losses.

And as fate would have it, the two teams will play a three-game series starting on the 26th (Korean time). The game will be held at home in Seattle. It appears that this three-game series will ultimately be the final ticket for the wild card. The first game is very important. There is a high probability that the outcome of this game will be decided. Seattle’s starting pitcher is Luis Castillo, and Houston’s starting pitcher is Justin Verlander.

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