Portland demands two draft picks in exchange for Holiday

The Portland Trail Blazers are rushing to make a trade again.

According to Jared Wyss, a reporter for The Athletic, Portland is requesting at least two first-round tickets through Jrue Holiday (guard, 191 cm, 93 kg).

Portland finally traded Damian Lillard (Milwaukee) on the 28th (Korean time). By sending him away, they received Halladay, DeAndre Ayton, and Toumani Camara. Portland, which obtained a ticket to the first round, expressed its intention to trade Holliday right away.

With Portland deciding to receive Holliday, a series of trades were expected. Naturally, multiple clubs showed interest. If Halladay, the best first-line defender in the league, joins, he can immediately increase his power. Since he can add stability to offense and defense, there are definitely quite a few teams targeting him. Since the contract ends at the end of next season, 바카라사이트 the player can enter the transfer market, thereby reducing future financial burden.

In addition, it is known that Holliday prefers to play in a team with strong skills. This is because he is still showing off his prime skills and has a desire to win one more time. It is understood that he may even be willing to sign an extension if he is traded to a team that is competing for a championship. In other words, it is surprising that a strong player is not interested in a Holliday trade. 

However, the transaction conditions are not easy. This is because Portland put up two first-round picks as a minimum requirement. Initially, it was thought that they would receive nomination rights and prospects, but it is understood that they are planning to secure multiple nomination rights first and then begin reorganization later. Additionally, as there are still players remaining in the trade market, a multi-party deal could be pulled out, similar to the Lillard trade. 

Among them, the Philadelphia 76ers are known to have shown the greatest interest. In Philadelphia, James Harden has already requested a trade, and it is unclear whether he will join training camp afterward. Since it is difficult to work with him, it is necessary to make a trade before the start of the upcoming 2023-2024 season if possible. As uncertainty increases as Philadelphia does not trade him in time, it is worth pursuing a deal if they are targeting Holliday.

However, it is difficult to exchange Harden and Holliday, and Portland is demanding draft picks, so realistically, a trade between the two should be considered impossible. It is more realistic to bring in a third club and initiate a deal. However, as the team that receives Harden must appear, it remains to be seen how lasting and meaningful Philadelphia’s interest will be.

If Philadelphia sends out Harden and adds Holliday, it is possible to maintain power. Of course, it would be great to sit down Harden and bring in Holliday, but it is unclear whether they will coexist. At the same time, it is not easy to work with Tyrese Maxey. Accordingly, it is more realistic to embrace Holliday while stably parting ways with Harden. However, establishing the conditions is not easy.

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