Samurai Japan coach Ibata will also serve as coach of the 15-year-old national team? The WBC commander in 2026 may be a different leader.

helm of the Japanese national baseball team and Samurai Japan. Coach Ibata, who played for the Chunichi Dragons and Yomiuri Giants, has no experience as the head coach of a professional team. He served as coach of Yomiuri and the national team, and coached the 12-year-old national team until shortly before being appointed as the national team head coach.

Coach Ibata announced at the inauguration press conference held on the 4th that he will concurrently serve as head coach of the 15-year-old national team. This means that the coach of national team A also directs the middle school national team. Of course, there has never been a case like this until now.

Coaches Sadaharu Oh (Wang Jeong-chi), Senichi Hoshino, Tatsunori Hara, Koji Yamamoto, Hiroki Kokubo, Atsunori Inaba, and Hideki Kuriyama are national team coaches and have coached the WBC (World Baseball Classic), Olympic, and Premier 12 national teams.

An official from the Samurai Japan Strengthening Committee explained that Coach Ibata wanted to serve as coach of the 15-year-old national team as well.토토사이트 Coach Ibata was very interested in nurturing young prospects. He coached the 12-year-old national team as well as coached the 18-year-old national team and 22-year-old national team players as an interim coach.

Coach Ibata will make his debut at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship in Tokyo in November. However, it is said that his contract period is until the ‘Premier 12’ scheduled to be held in November next year. After this competition, the contract will be renewed at each competition.

First, the contract can be renewed only if the player performs well in the ‘Premier 12’ next year. Depending on the situation, a different leader may lead the 6th WBC in 2026.

After coach Kuriyama, who led the team to the WBC championship last March, stepped down, numerous baseball figures were mentioned as candidates for the next head coach.

From ‘legends’ with no coaching experience, such as Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui, to former Yomiuri coach Yoshinobu Takahashi and former Softbank Hawks coach Kimiyasu Kudo, the list of candidates was on the list. It is reported that a number of candidates declined.

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