Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-sung… If they don’t get along, Hanwha’s batting lineup will be stuck, and its weak offense will take a backseat.

Noh Si-hwan (23) and Chae Eun-sung (33).

They are the only two Hanwha Eagles batters who have played in a fixed batting order this season. Four other players have gotten more than one plate appearance, including Noh and Chae, high-level rookie Moon Hyun-bin (19), and sixth-year pro Jung Eun-won (23)토토사이트. However, Jeong has the lowest batting average among the 51 players who have gotten at-bats. As of the 11th, she is 2-for-2.

She has struggled with her bat all season. As a team, they’re 2-for-4 with 98 home runs, 587 runs scored, and a 0.677 OPS. They’re 10th in batting average, runs scored, and OPS, and third in home runs.

That’s a lot of home runs and not a lot of runs scored. The team’s batting average is too low, and they’re not good with runners in scoring position. They are 2-for-3 with runners in scoring position.

“We need to have five or six hitters who can play consistently, but we only have Chae Eun-sung and Noh Si-hwan.”

Choi Won-ho often says this while looking at his lineup. It’s a sentiment I can’t help but agree with. Even foreign batters are hardly a constant in the lineup.

Jung Eun-won, who was expected to continue to grow, was pushed out of the second base position. The player who won the Golden Glove just two years ago is playing as a pinch hitter.

Kim In-hwan, who hit the most home runs (16) on the team last year, is weak against lefties and changeups. He’s batting just 2.2 percent with seven home runs. He has twice been removed from the first team due to poor hitting.

Outfielder Lee Jin-young hit his 10th home run against the NC Dinos on the 9th. It was his first double-digit home run as a professional, and it was better than before. The team was energized when Lee was hitting well, but he still lacks contact compared to his long bat.

Moon Hyun-bin, a first-year high school graduate, has been performing remarkably well, which is something that stands out because the team’s batting lineup is so weak. He continues to expose his defensive insecurities.

Shortstop Lee Do-yoon has been a solid offensive contributor, but has faded a bit recently. Catcher Choi Jae-hoon has also improved a bit from last year, when he struggled. The only notable addition is Choi In-ho, who joined the team in August after being discharged from the Merchant Marine.

During their last-place finish from 2020 to 2022, the team’s batting stats were also bottomless. Until this year, the team was last in batting average, runs scored, and OPS for four straight years. The team batting average went from 2.337 in 2021 to 2.245 in 2022, then back down again.

For the past three years, we’ve talked about development and emphasized rebuilding the team, but it hasn’t really paid off. We were looking at the future and giving young players a chance first. Only Noh Si-hwan has developed into an MVP-caliber hitter, but he was a promising prospect before.

On May 17 against Lotte in Daejeon. In the 10th inning of extra innings, with runners on first and second, Chae Eun-sung hit the game-winning hit.

That’s what baseball people say about young Hanwha players like Moon Dong-joo and Noh Si-hwan. But they are not the only ones responsible for the future.

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