‘Park Ji-sung’s best friend’ who transformed into a manager sighs, “The three players on our team didn’t know 2+2.”

 “Even though I’m ignorant, I’m still too ignorant.”

먹튀검증The British Mirror reported on the 16th (Korean time), “CA Independiente coach Carlos Tepes is giving special tasks to the players on the team after training,” adding, “It is addition and subtraction. Coach Tevez has the players on the team learn addition and subtraction. “I was shocked to learn that I didn’t know.”

Tevez is an Argentine striker who played for several teams, including Boca Juniors, West Ham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, and Shanghai Shenhua. In particular, he is famous among Korean soccer fans for forming the golden squad with Park Ji-sung, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ryan Giggs during his time at Manchester United.

In addition, the strange friendship between Park Ji-sung, Patrick Evra and Tevez is also famous. In fact, the three people have different nationalities and lifestyles, but they attracted the attention of fans by hanging out together during their time at Manchester United. Rio Ferdinand himself joked that he didn’t know why they were so close.

Tevez may have a familiar image, but the other side is notorious as a bad boy. He was forced to play like a journeyman on several teams compared to his skills, causing problems for the team at every turn. However, after his retirement from active duty, he is also taking a position as a leader.

ROSARIO, ARGENTINA – JUNE 24:Carlos Tevez manager of Rosario Central and his assistant previous a match between Rosario Central and Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata as part Liga Profesional 2022 at Estadio Gigante de Arroyito on June 24, 2022 in Rosario, Argentina. (Photo by Luciano Bisbal/Getty Images)

 Tevez took over as coach of Rosario Central immediately after his retirement in June 2022. He left that position after five months and was reappointed as coach of Independiente last August. However, in this position, he is having difficulties in areas other than soccer.

The Mirror said, “Tevez is giving Independiente players supplementary lessons after training because he was shocked to see that three of the team’s young players were unable to calculate 2+2.” Tevez said, “Immediately after training, the team’s youth players “I realized I was very ignorant,” he explained.

Tevez explained in an interview, “I asked several players 2+2, but 3 couldn’t answer. They didn’t even know subtraction. They are players who play in the first division.” The club added its strength to the coach, saying, “The team will provide supplementary classes for two hours after each training session until our players have the minimum level of knowledge in reading, writing, and calculation.”

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