SSG or NC… The number of cases of direct access to the semi-PO is

If SSG wins, it will be in 3rd place… NC, which has an advantageous position,
must lose SSG to have a chance.

The battle for third place in the professional baseball KBO league ended up continuing until the last day of the regular season. 3rd place SSG and 4th place NC will compete in the final match against Doosan and KIA, respectively, on the 17th to attempt to secure a direct ticket to the semi-playoffs.

As of now, SSG has the advantage. SSG defeated Doosan 3-2 the previous day, achieving 75 wins, 3 draws, and 65 losses. They are ahead by 0.5 games over NC (75 wins, 2 draws, 66 losses), which lost 2-4 to KIA on the same day. If SSG wins the final game, it will advance directly to the semi-playoffs regardless of the NC game result. Even if there is a tie or a loss, if NC loses to KIA, 3rd place is confirmed.

There are only two ways for NC to regain third place. First of all, if NC wins and SSG loses, they can rise to 3rd place. Even if NC draws with KIA, hope does not completely disappear. If SSG loses to Doosan, they could be the star of a direct ticket to the semi-playoffs.

According to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) regulations, if two or more teams are tied for 1st and 5th place in the regular season, a one-game match is held, but the rankings for 2nd to 4th places are determined by opponent record, opponent score,메이저놀이터 and previous year’s performance. . If NC draws and SSG loses in the final game, the two teams will be tied in terms of wins and losses (75 wins, 3 draws, 66 losses) and head-to-head records (8 wins, 8 losses), but NC will be 3 points ahead in terms of goals (70 goals scored, 64 conceded goals). rise above

NC should hope for at least a draw against KIA and for Doosan to hold back SSG. However, Doosan, which has already secured 5th place, has no reason to put all its effort into the final match. Rather, we need to save our power for the wild card match. SSG entered the final match in a somewhat advantageous position.

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