Sheilhao wins 3 in a row… Won stops him

4 Nations at the 25th Nongshim Shin Ramen Boat World Go Championship
Sheng Hao wins 3 in a row over Shibano Toramaru

Chinese vanguard Shenghao 9 has won three consecutive games. 메이저놀이터He defeated Japan’s No. 2 player, Toramaru Shibano, in the fourth round of the 25th Nongshim Shin Ramen Boat World Go Championship at the Korean Cultural Center in Zhuzhong, Beijing, on Tuesday afternoon.

In the first official match, Shenghao 9th dan got off to a bad start, but saved the day by fighting back, which resulted in a huge misjudgment from Shibano 9th dan. The complacent Han turned an 89% black win rate into a 78% white win rate.

After the reversal, Shenghao 9th dan was also shaken, a big mistake just when he thought it was over. However, 9th dan Torumaru Shibano was not able to pull the reins in stronger. After 2 hours, 47 minutes, and 194 moves, Xu Sheihao 9th dan was defeated.

Xu Shehao 9th dan won three consecutive games in his second outing.

This is the second time that Sheng Hao has represented China. In his first appearance, in the 21st round, he was stopped by Park Jung-hwan 9 dan.

His three consecutive victories over Xu Zhaian, Byun Sang-il, and Shibano earned him a 10 million won consolation prize and a 12 million won grand prize. This is the second consecutive opening three-game winning streak for China.

Toramaru Shibano 9th dan, the title holder of Japan’s No. 2 ranked player, is representing Japan for the fifth time. He has a career record of 2 wins and 5 losses.

This was the first meeting between the two knights.

After four games, the scorecard of each country at the end of the first round in Beijing was Korea 2 losses, China 3 wins, Japan 1 win and 2 losses. South Korea has three knights remaining, China five, and Japan three.

After a fruitless first round, South Korea will look to bounce back in the second round, which moves to Busan on November 30. Won Sung-jin 9-dan will be the first player to face Sheng Hao in the second round.

At 38, Won is the eldest member of the Korean team and the oldest athlete in the tournament. This is the seventh time the Nongshim Shin-Ryun Bae representative has played in the tournament, winning six of his last seven.

Toramaru Shibano 9-dan is representing Japan for the fifth time. He has a career record of 2 wins and 5 losses.

Won Sung-jin 9th dan has only played against Shenghao 9th dan, who is 13 years younger, once and lost. It was at the 22nd LG Cup in 2017. Won was ranked 8th in his home country, while Shengjin was ranked 15th.

The winner of the Nongshim Shin Ramyeon Bae, a “Go Triangle” in which teams of five players from Korea, Japan, and South Korea compete for supremacy in straight games, will take home the top prize of 500 million won. In addition, the first three individual wins will earn a streak prize of 10 million won per win.

Team powerhouse South Korea has won the tournament 15 times, surpassing China’s eight titles and Japan’s one. They are also currently on a three-game losing streak. The time limit is 1 hour (1 second read).

Sheilhao 9th dan has two career victories. One was at the 2018 LG Cup, a world championship, and the other was at the 2019 Wang Zhong Cup, a domestic championship.

Toramaru Shibano 9th dan has won nine titles in the Japanese game alone. He currently holds the title of 2nd dan and 7th dan.

Won Sung-jin 9 dan is the third runner for the Korean team. He is ranked 8th. Here he is at the 21st edition.

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