Suddenly a ‘cyberpitcher’…’Off and on’ Peddie-McCarty, put me in or leave me out [Semi-PO Focus].

There are two pitchers who have strangely dominated the semifinals. NC Eric Peddy (30) and SSG Kirk McCarty (28)카지노사이트. Side by side, they are the aces of their respective teams, but it’s not quite right. They have zero appearances. Suddenly, they became ‘cyber pitchers’.

SSG played two games in fall baseball this year. They finished the regular season in third place and played two semi-playoff games against NC. The result: 2 losses. A cliffhanger. And McCarty was nowhere to be seen in the process.

NC played one wildcard game before the semifinals. They faced Dusan and won the first game 14-9. They then swept the next two semi-finals. A comfortable three-game winning streak. One more win and we’ll meet KT. NC is also continuing their series without one of their key players, Pedi.

SSG McCarty throws hard in the second game of a doubleheader against LG in the 2023 KBO League at Jamsil Stadium on Sept. 17. Sept. 17, 2023,

McCarty seemed to be the first to show up. He pitched out of the bullpen in Game 1 of the semifinals on the 22nd. It was decided to use him as a bullpen in the semi-playoffs. Manager Kim Won-hyung said on the 22nd, “I ordered bullpen pitching today. I will wait until tomorrow (Game 2). I’ve tried the bullpen, so there’s no problem,” he explained.

On the 23rd, his words changed slightly. He didn’t say much about McCarty’s appearance. Before the game, manager Kim Won-hyung said, “It’s hard to say,” adding, “I’m waiting. I’m waiting.” He seemed embarrassed.

He didn’t pitch. In the second game, starter Kim Kwang-hyun gave up four runs in three innings. He came out early with a finger injury. Moon Seung-won came in and gave up three runs in 4.2 innings.

NC Pedi pitches hard in the first inning against SSG in the 2023 KBO League at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Aug. 8. Aug. 8, 2023.

He pitched well from the fourth to the seventh inning. He controlled the NC batters based on his powerful delivery. He gave up three runs in the eighth inning. Ko Hyo-joon pitched 0.1 innings of scoreless relief and Choi Min-joon pitched 1 inning of scoreless relief.

After falling behind 0-4 in the third inning, Han Yoo-seom’s two home runs made it 3-4. Seung-won Moon was pitching well, but it was possible that he could have gone three or four innings and McCarty could have come in and kept the momentum going.

But McCarty was nowhere to be seen. He was really just waiting. He is said to have recovered from an adductor muscle injury.

SSG McCarty pitches in the NC game of the 2023 KBO League at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Aug. 24. 2023.08.24.

The same goes for Pedi as a result. Before Game 2, Kang said, “There’s nowhere to go back. I think I’ll have to play in the third game. I’m not 100%. I’ll have to see how I feel, but I’ll have to play through it,” he said.

“I pitched in the bullpen yesterday (Feb. 22), but I didn’t do it at 100 percent. I don’t think I’m 100 percent yet. I have my own anxiety, but I’m going to pitch Game 3. It’s true that Pedi’s presence helps. I’m worried about his injury status.”

NC head coach Kang Myung-ho watches the players train before the game against SSG in the second round of the 2023 KBO Semi-Finals at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Oct. 23. 2023.10.23.

However, after the game, his words changed completely. In an interview with the captain, he said, “Pedi felt uncomfortable after training today. He went to the hospital. I don’t think he’ll be able to play the third game at all. I’m sorry for being a liar,” he said.

We’ll see how he is after tomorrow. Your doctor is important. They said it was impingement syndrome after the hit. He is complaining of discomfort,” he added.

An NC official said, “Pedi was diagnosed with mild elbow impingement syndrome after a medical examination. It does not affect his ability to play and throw as a pitcher. It is a mild level,” but added, “The player feels uncomfortable. He is anxious,” he explained.

SSG manager Kim Won-hyung returns to the dugout after protesting to umpire Bae Byeong-doo about a ball that hit NC’s Do Tae-hoon’s body in the eighth inning of the 2023 KBO Semifinals NC game at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Oct. 23. 2023.10.23.

The hospital says there’s no problem pitching, but the player doesn’t fully believe it. It’s natural to be careful because your body is your property. The NC is not doing much either. However, the only one who is a liar is the manager.

If he wasn’t on the roster at all, we don’t know. He was included in the roster, and the manager said he would pitch. The player doesn’t show up. The questions only grow.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the series is being dominated by two aces who are not on the mound. Something’s not right. It’s ambiguous if they’re not playing or if they can’t. It would be neat if they weren’t on the roster.

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