Kyonggi University, top shot in the 6th region of college soccer U-League 2… Promotion to League 1

Draw 1-1 with Seoul Digital University, record 33 points… Coach Kwon Hyuk-cheol, who beat Song Ho-dae by 3 points,
said, “I am proud of the players who achieved promotion through concentration… “Expecting better results”

Kyonggi University won the ‘2023 KUSF University Soccer U-League 2 Region 6’ and achieved promotion to U-League 1.

Kyonggi University, led by coach Kwon Hyuk-cheol, recorded a 1-1 draw with Seoul Digital University in the last 14 rounds held at Jikdong Neighborhood Park Stadium in Uijeongbu on the morning of the 27th, recording a total score of 33 points (10 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss, goal difference +33). On this day, they beat Song Ho-dae (30 points, 9 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses, +17 goals), who lost 0-1 to Yeonsung University, and won the championship.

As a result, Kyonggi University obtained a ticket for promotion to U-League 1, which is given only to the top team in each region.

Kyonggi University, which was trailing Song Ho-dae by 2 points with 32 points before today’s game, dominated the game with an overwhelming offensive share from the beginning of the game in a situation where it needed a draw or a win. And just 4 minutes after the game started, right wingback Gong Taek-woo scored the first goal to take the lead.

However, Kyonggi University, which suffered from a fierce counterattack by Seoul Digital University after conceding a goal, conceded an equalizer to Lee Woo-sung in the 31st minute of the first half, ending the first half tied 1-1. In the second half, Kyonggi University made a fierce attack by substituting Yang Jun-hyuk, Lee Ji-hyeong, and Park Seong-jun in order to score additional points to win the game, but they were unable to find a goal and ended in a draw.

In the match between Songho University and Yeonsung University held at Songho University Stadium at the same time, Songho University gave up the winning goal to Lee Jae-seong of Yeonsung University in the 41st minute of the second half and lost 0-1, leaving Kyonggi University to win the 6th region.

Kyonggi University coach Kwon Hyeok-cheol said, “Last year, we were unfortunately unable to get promoted due to losing to Hanyang University in the last game, but this time, the players showed their concentration until the end and achieved promotion.” He added, “There are many strong teams lurking in U-League 1, so every game will not be easy, but our team will do well.” “We expect that we will perform better next year as there are many lower grade players,” he said.

Coach Kwon continued, “I know that many good players among the freshmen applied. If they join, the force will be further strengthened. I am very grateful to the players for helping us place 3rd in the Spring University League Championship this February and win this region.토토사이트 “As a coach, I would like to especially express my gratitude to the fourth graders who showed their fighting spirit until the very end,” he added.

Meanwhile, Oh Seung-gyu, a national team member selected by Kyonggi University in the regional league, scored 11 goals in 13 games and ranked second in scoring after Kim Dong-hyun (Seoul Digital University, 12 goals in 14 games).

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