‘Is this professional soccer?’ Pohang with 12 players… The forfeit decision will be decided this week.

Last weekend, in professional soccer, an absurd incident occurred where a mistake occurred during a substitution and 12 players were left out of the game. It was a referee’s mistake, and the game should be forfeited. There is still controversy, and a meeting was held today (30th) regarding this.

스포츠토토As Kim Yong-hwan was unable to get up after clutching his leg, Pohang replaced Shin Gwang-hoon.

The game resumed after Kim Yong-hwan left in a cart.

After a while, the referee called coach Kim Ki-dong and soon number 7 Kim In-seong was called to the bench, but everyone looked confused.

The replacement list received by the second referee listed No. 7 Kim In-seong instead of the injured No. 3 Kim Yong-hwan, and the replacement board was also No. 7.

However, Kim In-seong was on the ground and Kim Yong-hwan, who left the pitch, was not replaced according to the records, but an ‘absurd situation’ occurred where 12 players played for about 6 minutes.

The opposing team, Jeonbuk, objected to the federation, saying that it was against the rules and that Kim In-seong, who should have been substituted, was an ineligible player playing in the game.

If it is a violation of the rules, it will result in a 0-3 forfeit. Pohang claims that although it was a mistake to write the wrong list, the referee has the authority to make a substitution.

[Pohang Steelers official: It is clearly stated (in the regulations) that all substitutions must be made under the leadership and management of the referees, and we entered ‘7th out, 17th in’, but if you do not confirm ‘7th out’, Because God ordered ‘Seal number 17’… ]

The federation held a meeting today and heard the positions of clubs, referees, etc., and decided to reach a conclusion within this week after reviewing overseas cases.

Pohang and Jeonbuk each earned one point due to a draw on this day.

If a forfeit loss is acknowledged, Jeonbuk will gain two more points, which could become a variable in the battle for the top rankings at the end.

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