‘Japan international defensive ace’ Tomiyasu named Arsenal’s October Player of the Month

Bayern Munich is again considering signing veteran defender Jerome Boateng.

On the 2nd (Korean time), German media ‘Bild’ mentioned the possibility of Bayern recruiting Boateng, saying, “There are people who want to recruit Boateng, including coach Thomas Tuchel. It is said that the plan to recruit Boateng in the short term has recently been re-discussed internally.” reported.

Bayern has a lot of problems in the center back camp. We have not been able to properly organize the team since the summer transfer window. Kim Min-jae, the best defender in Italian Serie A, was recruited, but Lucas Hernández (Paris Saint-Germain), Benjamin Pavard (Inter Milan), and Josip Stanisic (Bayer 04 Leverkusen, loan), who can play center backs, were all sent away. They have to participate in three competitions, including the UEFA Champions League (UCL), and started the season with three first-team center backs: Kim Min-jae, Matthijs De Licht, and Dayot Upamecano.레모나토토 주소

The thin player base continues to hinder Bayern in the early part of the season. Except for Kim Min-jae, who missed one game in the first round of the DFB (German Football Association) Pokal due to a minor injury, De Ligt and Upamecano were alternately sidelined due to injury. And with Upamecano’s return still uncertain, De Ligt was injured again during the second round of the Pokal on the 2nd. According to the test results, absence for more than 4 weeks is inevitable.

Matthijs Delicht and Minjae Kim (Bayern Munich). Getty Images Korea

As the situation becomes more serious, the possibility of emergency recruitment comes to mind. Bayern had previously sought to recruit Boateng when they were struggling with injuries to their defenders. Boateng’s contract with Olympique Clion expired at the end of last season and he is a free agent. A contract is possible at any time. He is also a legend who has been with Bayern for 10 years since 2011, so he has the advantage of having a good understanding of the club.

Boateng joined Bayern team training first to improve his condition, but did not return. Bayern officially announced on the 7th of last month that it would not sign a contract with Boateng. At the time, the reason for withdrawing the recruitment plan was explained by the fact that Kim Min-jae and Upamecano were in good condition, and De Ligt was also preparing for his return smoothly, so the player base problem was alleviated.

There has been a problem with the player base again and there is room for reconsideration, but it is unclear whether the recruitment will be successful. Bayern drew a line, saying there were no reasons other than sporting issues, but some say Boateng’s trial for assaulting his ex-girlfriend and the resulting backlash from fans influenced the previous decision.

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