“When Mbappe is stuck, Lee Kang-in needs creative ability!”…AC Milan defeat ‘solution’ lauded LEE for “Quality and skill to dominate Central Asia”

PSG suffered a 1-2 reverse against AC Milan in the fourth leg of their UEFA Champions League (UCL) Group F match of the 2023-24 season at the San Siro in Milan, Italy, on Monday.

PSG took the lead through Milan Skriniar in the ninth minute, but conceded back-to-back goals from Haphaël Leroy in the 12th minute and Olivier Giroud in the fifth minute of the second half. The loss drops PSG to second place in the group.   레모나토토

Vitinha started in the middle of the park for the match. There was a lot of speculation before the game that Lee and Vitinha would be battling for the starting spot, but Luis Enrique opted for Vitinha. Vitinha started alongside Warren Zaire Emery and Manuel Ugarte. He didn’t impress.

It was Lee Kang-in, who came on as a 15th minute substitute, who made a bigger impact. Lee energized the attack with his sharp forward passes, and he also took charge of set pieces, including free kicks and corners, including a left-footed shot that hit the post in the 44th minute.

These conflicting performances have led to calls for Lee to start, with some arguing that he is the solution to the defeat to AC Milan, especially as PSG’s ‘ace’ Kylian Mbappe was silent against AC Milan. When Mbappe struggles, the entire PSG team struggles. It is argued that Lee Kang-in can solve this problem.

“We saw the limits of Zayn Emery and Ugarte against AC Milan,” says Frenchman Sofoot. The Vitinha-Jair Emery-Ugarte trio has been pretty good this season. However, they did not perform well against AC Milan. Can PSG target the top four in this situation, they need to leave them,” the report said.

“They struggled to turn the ball around under pressure. PSG are a team built to dominate, control and win the ball in the middle. But when they were under a lot of pressure, they couldn’t do that. The solution to this deficiency is Lee Kang-in.”

“He is a very skillful player who is not afraid to hold the ball and is not afraid to look back even if there is someone behind him. He has the ability to resist pressure and change direction. He does it consistently, not once in ten times. He has the skills to do it,” he explained.

“That’s why he can be useful in the center. A great player can’t shine alone, but the team needs him. You have to have players who can create space for the team.”

Mbappe and Lee also discussed their chemistry. Mbappe and Lee Kang-in have been at their best recently. Mbappe converted Lee’s kill pass into a goal, and Lee responded to Mbappe’s spilled ball with a goal of his own.

The outlet concluded, “Mbappe occasionally looked to combine, but PSG fell into a trap because they lacked technical inspiration. AC Milan played well. They knew how to control Mbappe. When Mbappe is blocked like this, it’s difficult for PSG. You need dribbling, magic, and creativity to keep Mbappe alive in these situations. Apart from Lee Kang-in, we haven’t seen anything like this.”

“Kolo Moani missed the game once again. It’s a lack of level. It’s a matter of adaptation, he’s only ever played in teams with different depths. He’s a good player when he can use his pace, but it’s hard to do that in a small space. Kolo Moani is not playing his own individual game, so he needs to learn how to work more as a team. It may take time,” the coach pointed out.

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