If they win, Busan, who is confirmed to win the K League 2, and Jeonnam, who dreams of PO, cannot back down

For the Jeonnam Dragons, it’s a must-win matchup as they try to stop the Busan Ice Park from clinching the title. Only a win will secure a dramatic playoff spot.

The Jeonnam Dragons, led by head coach Lee Jang-hwan, will take on the leaders Busan in the 38th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. tonight (Dec. 12) at the Gwangyang Football Stadium. Ahead of the match, the visitors received some good news. A day earlier, second-placed Gimcheon Commerce drew 1-1 with Gyeongnam FC at the Changwon Football Center. The result puts Gimcheon on 68 points heading into the final round.토토사이트

Busan, on the other hand, currently has 69 points. If Busan wins against Jeonnam, they will go into the final match with 72 points, meaning they will win the K League 2 title regardless of the outcome of the final regular season match of the 2023 season. Needless to say, Busan will be highly motivated heading into this match.

For Jeonnam, a visit from a team with a lot of momentum might be a bit overwhelming. However, Jeonnam can’t afford to back down either. Jeonnam is in seventh place with 50 points. They are four points behind fifth-place Bucheon FC (54 points), the last team to qualify for the promotion playoffs. The good news is that everyone from third-place Gyeongnam to sixth-place Cheongju has one game in hand. Jeonnam can climb into the playoff picture if they win their remaining two games, including the match against Busan.

It’s a matter of pride to prevent Busan from celebrating their victory in their home town of Gwangyang, but Jeonnam needs to go all out to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Fortunately, they have what it takes to give Busan a run for their money. Valdivia, who has the most offensive points (13 goals and 14 assists) in K League 2, is a player who can turn the tide at any moment. Hanam (7 goals, 3 assists), who has been working well with Valdivia this year, and Plana (8 goals, 6 assists), who is showing off his skills in the second half of the season, also boast double-digit offensive points.

As long as they have the composure to control some of the more troublesome variables, such as conceding a few more goals and, most importantly, avoiding the sending-offs that have plagued them this season, they should be able to make their presence felt against Busan. It’s important to note that this is the last chance for Jeonnam. Without a point, or even a win, Jeonnam’s 2023 season will effectively come to a halt. A team on the brink is always scarier. That’s what we’re saying about Jeonnam right now.

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