Typhoon ‘Kanun’ aftermath…Jeju-Pohang to discuss ‘postponement’ an hour before FA Cup quarter-final kick-off[SS현장]

An hour before the game, 토토사이트 the postponement was discussed again.

Jeju United and Pohang Steelers were scheduled to meet in the fourth round of the Football Association of Korea (FA) Cup at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 9th. The twist: Typhoon Kanun, a Category 6 storm. The question was whether it would kick off later that afternoon as it was closest to Seogwipo, Jeju.

However, conditions on the pitch were better than forecast. There was very little rain on the pitch, and it was only slightly windy. Fans from Jeju and Pohang also began to arrive. Both teams announced their starting lineups an hour before kickoff.

However, after the lineups were announced, the officials gathered again. This was to decide if the game should be postponed. The decision was not yet made. The weather has been fluctuating, raising safety concerns, and the local government has reportedly requested that the game be reconsidered. The meeting was held an hour ago, so the possibility of a postponement is weighing heavily on the table.

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